Hi! My name is Aastha and I love to exercise the brain by reading and writing. My writing ranges across epistemology, philosophy, longevity science, global issues, societal musings, or really anything that I want to pen down. I recently wrote a short book that reads as a collection of stories on lessons I learned from my father and memories from my time growing up in Calcutta, India.

Post Calcutta, I moved to the United States for college, after which I spent a few years working in Finance in New York. I have since transitioned to the startup and content creation world.

Some of my other interests are lifting, playing tennis, and geeking out on nutrition & longevity science. I believe that we can slow and reverse aging! I communicate information on longevity science in a simple, digestible manner through my newsletter, podcast and Youtube. My newsletter Live Longer World focuses on basics of longevity science and science-backed practical tips (including lifestyle hacks) to slow aging and be healthier! My podcast is focused on interviewing scientists, biotech entrepreneurs and other longevity advocates making tremendous progress in helping us reach a future where we can live disease-free longer & healthier lives!

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