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Where Did Open Debate Go? (ft. Ayn Rand)

Where did open debate and discussion vanish? We now seem to live in a society where it’s difficult to openly talk about “controversial” or “sensitive” topics. Ayn Rand is a good example where a lot of people automatically dismiss her writing just at the mention of her name. People simply associate it with dislike and are not willing to engage in a deeper conversation and truly understand her philosophy. Even if we do not agree with her philosophy, why is there so much hesitation to even talk about it?

Cancel culture has overtaken society and polarization has increased. 

It’s okay to have divergent viewpoints. In fact, if everyone thought the same way, we’d live in a homogenous bubble and creativity and innovation would be stifled.

Sure, there might be some objectivity to a lot of viewpoints but if we don’t even discuss them in a healthy manner, we shall never arrive at the objective answer.

I hope we can once again begin to have healthy discussions and debates with people who do not share our viewpoints.

Note: This post has been adapted from the original post on my other site Live Longer World.

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