Is Sugar the next Cigarette?

In theory, most of us know that sugar is not good for us. However, I fear that most of us do not know the extent to which it can be toxic for us. Sugar can cause cancer, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Some researchers will say that it is as bad as smoking! And while cigarettes and smoking at least gets a bad rep, sugar does not get nearly as bad a rep.

In fact, our culture associates sugar with positive interactions such as birthday and anniversary celebrations. Imagine your friends gifting you a pack of cigarettes on your birthday? That sounds crazy, no? Then why do we celebrate birthdays with sugar? Sugar can be as toxic as cigarettes.

However, I understand that it might be hard for people to completely eliminate sugar. Which is why, I have some solutions for you! If you are using added sugar, try replacing it with allulose, stevia or xylitol. They are non-nutritive artificial sweeteners and mice studies (note that human studies data is preliminary) would say that they are not harmful and can in fact even be good for you in terms of controlling blood glucose.

But, not all artificial sweeteners are good and in fact most of them have side effects. Aspartame found in Diet Coke can cause weight gain, depression, heart disease, and damage to the gut. So it’s important to pick the safe alternatives.

I’ve written about the toxicity of sugar and safe artificial sweetener substitutes in greater detail here.


Introducing Live Longer World: Science-backed fun stories & practical tips on reversing aging

Below is a conversation between 2 friends Bill and Tina:

Hey Bill, are you aware that there is fascinating new science coming out on reversing aging and feeling more energetic? I hear that you can even delay the onset of diseases such as diabetes, cancer and Alzheimers. 

Hmm, I’m only vaguely aware, Tina. My biggest question is if there is a way to act on this emerging longevity science and see benefits in my life? Or will this science be restricted to labs and dense research papers that put me to sleep?

That’s exactly the question I had, Bill! Turns out, there is, in fact, a way to act on this science and live a healthier life. So, I tried to understand some of this science but it did indeed put me to sleep. But then one of the best things happened to me! I discovered Live Longer World!

Okay…and is that a magic drug that helps you power through this dense science?

Haha, Bill! Don’t you wish! It’s even better. It will indeed save the day and empower you to become a superhero.

Tina, whenever you are done with your Powerpuff girls spiel, can you just tell me what it is in simple words please?

Okay okay..Live Longer World is a newsletter that will provide you with science-backed recommendations to reverse aging and to be the pioneers of preventative healthcare. 

So it’s another newsletter telling me about boring health science? 

Oh boy, not at all – it seems as if the author has no attention span for anything boring! It’s not just any other newsletter. It’s a fun, easy to understand newsletter that’s bridging this gap between the scientific world of longevity science and you!

Okay, and what exactly is fun about it?

Well, well, well. You should read the newsletter to know for yourself. But I’ll let you in on the secret. The science based recommendations are told in the form of stories taught by these two quirky characters called Molly and Doug!

Wait, what! Really? You’re telling me I can actually learn some science AND understand how to optimize my health by reading fun conversations and stories? 

It gets even better – there are even some fun stick-figure type drawings! And, it makes sure to provide you with simple and actionable recommendations to improve your health. So it’s science + practicality + fun combined. I couldn’t believe it at first!

Yeah, that sounds too good to be true! 

Well, you know what, you should judge for yourself. Here’s the link, give it a read! I gotta go, but say hi to Molly and Doug from my side!

Note: I am the author of Live Longer World! I’ve spent the better part of over a year (it’s been a longer 2-3 year process, really!) on geeking out on longevity science and applying the scientific recommendations to improve my health. They’ve helped me so much that I couldn’t be more excited to share them with you in the hope that they help you as well! Please subscribe and share Live Longer World with family and friends if you think it will benefit them.