You are Never Going to Die

Recently, the startup I work for had a retreat in Slovenia where some of us participated in a Persuasive Speech Competition. Essentially, we had 5 minutes to convince the group on a topic of our choice.

My topic of choice was “You are Never Going to Die.”

(Yes, I might be exaggerating but the point was to pick a controversial topic. Regardless, it is a fun intro to what aging really is! Aging is damage occurring at the cellular level and science is showing that it can be reversed.)

In my speech, I talk about what aging is using a fun banana analogy! If you are curious to hear about why I think you can live forever and understand the basics of aging, watch the talk below. It’s under 5 minutes.

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Uncertainty is liberating

Uncertainty can be liberating.

Once you have broken free from the conventional structures in your life, you can be free to pick the direction of your life.

You wonder: What should you aim at? How can you contribute to the world?

The path of figuring it out will involve lots of uncertainty, trial and error, and perhaps stress. But..

Isn’t it liberating and beautiful that you can be free to pick your life’s direction and aim towards the highest ideal that you’re capable of?

Sure uncertainty can be stressful, but have you wondered how miraculous it can be to work with uncertainty instead of hiding behind structures not set by you?

You can be more in control of your life. You can take charge of the direction in your life. You can work towards goals you actually want to work on.