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International Day of Older Persons & Longevity Science to Reduce Suffering

October 1 was International Longevity Day or International Day of Older Persons and I want to use this occasion to raise awareness around an important issue that literally each and every one of us face or will face. It’s aging.

A lot of people ask me why I care so much about the aging field and longevity. Let me tell you.

This first picture is that of my beautiful grandparents when they were old but still functional.

This second picture is noticeably different – they look more frail and my Grandmother started developing a brain disorder which eventually took away her speech, brain processing and her life.

And this deterioration in health and onset of age-related diseases with age (could be cancer, Alzheimer’s, other brain disorders, frailty etc.) was not unique to my grandparents. I’m sure a lot of you have seen some elders in your life suffer from it too. Most elderly people ultimately suffer from age-related diseases – it’s just a matter of when the disease arrives and your chances of getting these diseases only keep increasing with age. That’s sad. It’s sad because it signals that eventually each of us has to suffer in old age. And it truly hurts to watch that suffering.

But what if we didn’t have to suffer in this manner? This is where the aging field could truly rescue us.

Now, what is the aging field trying to do? We are trying to reduce this suffering felt by the elderly and their loved ones. We are trying to reverse some of the damage in our bodies to make the elderly feel healthy again. Even if you don’t want to live too long, I’m sure you want to be healthy in your later years. And it’s not that easy to prevent these aging disorders unless we come together to solve this problem. And it means each one playing their part in whatever capacity works for them – starting companies, doing research, raising awareness, donating etc.

There are brilliant scientists and companies doing work in this field to bring back our youthful states when we are older. It is tremendous work all of us could benefit from and if it works, we can all be healthy for longer. Isn’t that something truly wonderful? 

I certainly want to be healthier for longer. I certainly want to spend quality time with my grandchildren. I certainly wish I could have spent more time with my grandparents. And this is why I’m so excited about supporting the field of aging and longevity. And I hope I can get you excited too.

Because at the core of it, longevity science will enable deeper and longer human connections.”


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If you’re interested, make sure to subscribe so you are notified when the interviews get released. I’ve already recorded some interviews so they should be out soon, but in the meantime, you can watch a persuasive speech I gave on a controversial topic “You’re Never Going to Die.” In the video, I explain aging using a banana analogy and it’s a fun watch – enjoy!


You are Never Going to Die

Recently, the startup I work for had a retreat in Slovenia where some of us participated in a Persuasive Speech Competition. Essentially, we had 5 minutes to convince the group on a topic of our choice.

My topic of choice was “You are Never Going to Die.”

(Yes, I might be exaggerating but the point was to pick a controversial topic. Regardless, it is a fun intro to what aging really is! Aging is damage occurring at the cellular level and science is showing that it can be reversed.)

In my speech, I talk about what aging is using a fun banana analogy! If you are curious to hear about why I think you can live forever and understand the basics of aging, watch the talk below. It’s under 5 minutes.

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Exercise is King: What if it were made mandatory?

The below might be a controversial opinion, but like me, I think a lot of you know the benefits of exercise and how important it can be! So here goes:

  1. Exercise at least 2-3 a week should be made mandatory.
  2. I am not an advocate for governments or other organizations dictating our lives. But if there is one area I’d be willing to break my stance on that is to make exercise mandatory.
  3. People underestimate the overarching benefits of exercise and how it could solve and / or alleviate problems like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, mental disorders, depression, decline in productivity etc.
  4. Indeed the benefits of exercise go far beyond weight loss – helping with health issues, improving cognitive functioning, reducing the burden on the healthcare system, and perhaps even contributing to the economy.
  5. Exercise will make you happier, sharper, and fitter.
  6. Yes, exercise is the king when it comes to solving a LOT of problems.

Note: The above was first posted on here.

What are your thoughts? Comment below!


Is Sugar the next Cigarette?

In theory, most of us know that sugar is not good for us. However, I fear that most of us do not know the extent to which it can be toxic for us. Sugar can cause cancer, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Some researchers will say that it is as bad as smoking! And while cigarettes and smoking at least gets a bad rep, sugar does not get nearly as bad a rep.

In fact, our culture associates sugar with positive interactions such as birthday and anniversary celebrations. Imagine your friends gifting you a pack of cigarettes on your birthday? That sounds crazy, no? Then why do we celebrate birthdays with sugar? Sugar can be as toxic as cigarettes.

However, I understand that it might be hard for people to completely eliminate sugar. Which is why, I have some solutions for you! If you are using added sugar, try replacing it with allulose, stevia or xylitol. They are non-nutritive artificial sweeteners and mice studies (note that human studies data is preliminary) would say that they are not harmful and can in fact even be good for you in terms of controlling blood glucose.

But, not all artificial sweeteners are good and in fact most of them have side effects. Aspartame found in Diet Coke can cause weight gain, depression, heart disease, and damage to the gut. So it’s important to pick the safe alternatives.

I’ve written about the toxicity of sugar and safe artificial sweetener substitutes in greater detail here.