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Retaining your Individuality (An Introvert in NYC)

Susan turned on the heat and immediately heard the faint hissing sound of the air seeping through the vent. The stillness in the apartment was juxtaposed by the cacophony on the streets of Times Square, where her apartment building stood. The muffled sound of the heat and the ticking of the clock was only broken by my fidgeting on the couch. She attempted to write but her evil brain won the debate and she sprang up to grab a bar of chocolate. It had been a long week at work and surely she could treat herself on a Friday. Through previous mistakes, Susan had learned not to make plans on Fridays. As the work week drew to a close, she could sense the energy seeping out of her, just like the chocolate melting through her fingers currently.

An introvert, Susan preferred to stay at home and read over shouting in loud bars in New York. Besides, she was never cool enough to be socially comfortable and it was only on high-energy days that she could be merely average. She was the type to eat healthy (salads), workout, meditate, take interest in neuroscience, go on long runs, and have deep and nerdy conversations. In short, she was the ultimate definition of a party-pooper. However, Susan was charmingly affectionate and despite or perhaps because of these dorkish qualities, most people liked her.

The most admirable quality in Susan was that she was always her authentic self and retained her individuality.