Building in Public

Below are some of my thoughts around content creation or working on your side project or just building anything and showcasing it to the world! These reflections come from learning something new and working on several side projects, the most recent one being writing on longevity and health science through my newsletter Live Longer World.

1/ Start showcasing your work in public early 

2/ Don’t wait till perfection to launch

3/ You will get real feedback from customers

4/ Real feedback is better than you thinking what the feedback could be

5/ Real feedback allows you to iterate faster

6/ Iteration is critical in early stages of a product

7/ You will understand more about yourself as you work on it in public

8/ You will understand what you like to do and the direction you want to take your work

9/ Your motivation will be higher as you are accountable

10/ Yes, it’s added pressure, but it can also be a fun ride

I’d love to know what projects you are working on and your reflections on building them – drop them in the comments section!

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