Exercise is King: What if it were made mandatory?

The below might be a controversial opinion, but like me, I think a lot of you know the benefits of exercise and how important it can be! So here goes:

  1. Exercise at least 2-3 a week should be made mandatory.
  2. I am not an advocate for governments or other organizations dictating our lives. But if there is one area I’d be willing to break my stance on that is to make exercise mandatory.
  3. People underestimate the overarching benefits of exercise and how it could solve and / or alleviate problems like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, mental disorders, depression, decline in productivity etc.
  4. Indeed the benefits of exercise go far beyond weight loss – helping with health issues, improving cognitive functioning, reducing the burden on the healthcare system, and perhaps even contributing to the economy.
  5. Exercise will make you happier, sharper, and fitter.
  6. Yes, exercise is the king when it comes to solving a LOT of problems.

Note: The above was first posted on here.

What are your thoughts? Comment below!


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