Personal Reflections on My Brain’s State of Being

  1. Morning brain: Logical, Practical, Rational
  2. Night brain: Emotional, Craves social belonging and love
  3. Brain on less sleep: Creative but can’t think straight. Irritable. Can’t think of long-term and second order consequences
  4. Brain on quality sleep: Happy, Well-rested, Energetic
  5. Brain on exercise: Happy. Thinks well. Focused. Social. Creative. Laughs. Makes jokes. Empathetic. Bold. Ready to take on the world. Confident.
  6. Brain on healthy food: Clean clear thinking. Light feeling. 
  7. Brain on unhealthy food: Sluggish, Sleepy
  8. Brain under stress / emotional turbulence: Malleable. Susceptible to change. Vulnerable. Less confident. Looks for social validation. Seeks love. Will be controlled by anyone who shows some love. 
  9. Brain after meditation: Calm, Wants to show love, Kind, Purposeful

The above are my personal reflections on my own mind’s state of being under different circumstances. Different people could feel differently, but for the most part, the above reflections apply universally.

It is interesting to observe how your thinking and mind’s state of being changes at different times of the day and the effect of different activities on your mind. After all, the mind does control how you perceive the world, so it’s important to observe it.

It is only after we are aware of the mind’s state of being under different circumstances can we try to alter our behaviors to reach the state of mind we want. For example, exercise, meditation, sleeping well, and eating healthy are great ways to get out of a funk and feel happier and more energetic.

As a fun exercise, try to observe your mind at different times of the day and how it’s affected by various activities!


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