Life Lessons

How to Live Your Life: Lessons from my Dear Papa

Hi everyone! I have a short book out. Or rather, it’s a collection of short stories. Stories about my Papa. Stories about me. Hold on, let me correct myself. They are, in fact, stories about my Papa AND me. Stories that serve as a tribute to all father-daughter relationships. And most importantly, stories that serve as a tribute to any parent-child relationship. As I’ve written before, I lost my father at the age of 17. I had been wanting to document his timeless wisdom for a long time and now this book has finally come to be! I hope this book enables you to jog down your memory lane, recall the moments you spent with your parents, and reflect on how they may have shaped you. And, I hope that as you read along, memories of your formative years come back to you, and you can once again be a child.

Below you can read a snippet from the introduction and get a sneak-peak, but first a note on the sale of this book: I am not trying to profit from this book and all proceeds from the sale of this book will go to Ekal Vidyalaya, one of the largest non-profits involved in bringing education to every child across rural India. So please consider donating – your money can go a long way in helping rural Indian children receive proper education.

Now, onto the introduction snippet!


“It took me a full 7 years to come to terms with your death. No, I wasn’t grieving every day. I was still living my life, and fairly successful at it in the conventional sense of the way, but I knew I was secretly still suffering from losing you. I felt as if no one understood this secret pain of mine. I would often bawl in my room alone. When others asked about you, I couldn’t get myself to say the truth. Contrary to wisdom science, I felt that time doesn’t heal; it merely distracts and buries the negative emotions. 

It took direct confrontation with this pain to truly let go. It was as if a rock was lifted off my chest. I didn’t feel sorry for myself anymore. I felt a new force with which to face life. I found the force you used to have, Papa. And this new force inspired me to document our memories and all those lessons you taught me. It’s a shame that they were fading away and would only continue to do so if I didn’t pen them down. 

Papa, I don’t know if you remember many of these moments you’re about to read. But allow me to take you down memory lane. To revisit our beautiful shared times. And to let you know how much I learned from you and continue to do so. This book is for you, wherever you are.”


And now, reader, allow the book to take you down not just my memory lane, but yours as well. I do think this book will stir your emotions, help you relive your childhood memories, and you may learn some wisdom from my Papa. At least, I hope so. At the very least, I think you will enjoy some of the stories.

If you end up reading the book How to Live Your Life: Lessons from my Dear Papa, I’d love to hear your feedback and thoughts. Please drop me a line here or email me at Thank you and happy reading! 🙂

Note: If you cannot afford to donate and would like to read the book, please message me and I’ll be more than happy to provide you with a discount code.


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